Artist Bio

Veronica Marie is a Native/Mexican American born and raised in Southern California (Pomona Los Angeles area). She was inspired from an early age by many art forms, particularly Native American art and prison art.  In those early years, Veronica cut her teeth by recreating art from gritty sources such as prison envelopes and Low Rider Magazine.  A ball point pen was the tool of choice then.

Today Veronica is a homeschooling mother of four and a resident of Disputanta, Virginia since the summer of 2017.  From the busy life to a small country oasis surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods.. beautiful and peaceful but definitely a culture shock.   She continues to embark on living her dream career as a professional artist.  Veronica is continuously sharpens her professional fine art skills under the mentorship of the Milan Art Institute. She uses many mediums including graphite, collage, acrylics, mark making, and oils.  She loves textures and is enjoying continuing to refine her voice and brand.  

 Other interests include cooking and sewing.  She believes that a wardrobe is also a canvas that we wear and a way we express ourselves. Even as a teen she would frequently reinvent her clothing and fabrics.  One of her goals is to eventually combine her artwork and her fashion.